44S loudspeaker

44S loudspeaker

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44S loudspeaker

Point sources

2-way ultra-compact flush mountable loudspeaker

  • Components 2 x 4.5″, 2 x 1.25″
  • Dispersion 90° x 30° rotatable
  • SPLmax 123 dB
  • Weight 3.6 kg (8 lb)

Article number Z1650

Product Description

The 44S is a passive 2-way design housing two 4.5” neodymium LF drivers and two 1.25" HF dome tweeters mounted on a rotatable CD horn thus providing a rotatable dispersion characteristic of 90° x 30°.

The optional d&b Z5427.000 44S back box can be used for flush mounting the loudspeaker into ceilings or walls, either in horizontal or vertical position. The asymmetric cabinet shape of the 44S allows the dispersion to be adjusted +/- 20° in five-degree increments within the back box.

The loudspeaker can be used as a stand-alone system or supplemented by actively driven d&b subwoofers.

The enclosure is injection moulded with an impact resistant paint finish. The front of the cabinet is protected by a rigid metal grill. Two M8 threaded inserts are incorporated in the back panel to connect to different rigging accessories. The loudspeaker cabinet and most accessories are also available with the Special Colour (SC) option that can be executed in all RAL colours.

The following amplifiers can be used to drive the 44S.

  • D20
  • D40
  • D80

  • 5D
  • 10D
  • 30D
  • 40D

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