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En-Space Software.

d&b En-Space is the Soundscape software module to enhance or build an acoustic environment, either indoor or outdoor, based on convolution of the audio signals on a large number of impulse responses captured in acoustically renowned performance spaces ranging from chamber recital to large concert halls.

En-Space applies the unique technology of boundary plane emulation. The room response uses a set of 144 boundary plane responses for 64 positions distributed along the circumference and stage lip of the venue. The sampled responses are taken from boundary measurements at the walls, which is exactly the location from where the En-Space loudspeaker sources will later reproduce them.

En-Space is an in-line technology, meaning to generate or expand the acoustic environment it does not use microphone feedback loops. It can be set up and operated quickly, making access to some of the world's most renowned performance spaces a reality for mobile or installation situations.

ArrayCalc En-Space Early Reflection Plane

R1 Soundscape En-Space Control Room Parameters

R1 En-Space Inputs

En-Space technical specifications

Convolvers: up to 144
Impulse response length: up to 10 sec


Space 1:

Concert Hall BlaibachConcert Hall Blaibach - RT Plot


Modern - small
Blaibach Concert Hall
Capacity: 200 seats
Reverberation time: 2.0 sec
T40: 200 Hz – 2 kHz

Space 2:

Concert Hall, Vienna - Schubert HallConcert Hall, Vienna - Schubert Hall - RT Plot


Classic - Small
Schubert-Saal, Vienna Concert Hall
Capacity: 350 seats
Reverberation time: 1.9 sec
T40: 200 Hz – 2 kHz

Space 3:

Angelika Kaufmann Hall, Congress Center SchwarzenbergAngelika Kaufmann Hall, Congress Center Schwarzenberg - RT Plot


Modern - Medium
Angelika-Kauffmann-Saal, Schwarzenberg Congress Center
Capacity: 600 seats
Reverberation time: 1.7 sec
T40: 200 Hz – 2 kHz

Space 4:

Concert Hall, Vienna - Mozart HallConcert Hall, Vienna - Mozart Hall - RT Plot


Classic - Medium
Mozart-Saal, Vienna Concert Hall
Capacity: 700 seats
Reverberation time: 2.1 sec
T40: 200 Hz – 2 kHz

Space 5:
Culture- and Congress Center, Luzern - Concert HallCulture- and Congress Center, Luzern - Concert Hall - RT Plot


Modern - Large
KKL Luzern
Capacity: 1,900 seats
Reverberation time: 2.6 sec
T40: 200 Hz – 2 kHz

Space 6:

Concert Hall, Vienna - Great HallConcert Hall, Vienna - Great Hall - RT Plot


Classic - Large
Großer Saal, Vienna Concert Hall
Capacity: 1,850 seats
Reverberation time: 2.4 sec
T40: 200 Hz – 2 kHz

Space 7:

Bing Concert Hall, StanfordBing Concert Hall, Stanford - RT Plot


Modern - Large
Bing Concert Hall, Stanford
Capacity: 850 seats
Reverberation time: 2.2 sec
T40: 200 Hz – 2 kHz

Space 8:

Alighieri Theatre, RavennaAlighieri Theatre - RT Plot, Ravenna


Theatre – small
Alighieri Theatre, Ravenna
Capacity: 830 seats
Reverberation time: 1.3 sec
T40: 200 Hz – 2 kHz

Space 9:

San Vitale Cathedral, RavennaSan Vitale Cathedral - RT Plot, Ravenna


San Vitale, Ravenna
Reverberation time: 5.6 sec
T40: 200 Hz – 2 kHz

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