TSC 6000-EN


The TSC6000-EN touch screen remote unit allows the sending of emergency live messages and evacuation/ alert pre-recorded messages. 

 The unit is equipped with a 7” touch screen backlighted display for zones selection and customization, while a group of LEDs give information about the emergency system state and faults.

  • Emergency key 
  • “Key pad” mode / “Numeric pad” mode 
  • Function keys to create groups of zones 
  • Zone labels customization 
  • Live emergency calls 
  • Broadcast calls 
  • Status LEDs / Fault signalling LEDs 
  • Pre-recorded messages recall 
  • Emergency messages reset 
  • Warning signal muting 
  • Possibility to connect up to 2 TSC6000-EN to a VAIE 6500 or 7500 compact system (as an alternative to FMD 2000 range units) 
  • Possibility to connect up to 4 TSC6000-EN to a VAC 2006 controller 

The microphone is NOT included in the supply. It’s possible to match with TSC6000-EN unit these models:

  1. FMG 2000 Dynamic microphone with flexible stem 
  2. FMH 2000 Hand-held microphone with P.T.T key

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