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Cell Display

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Key features

  • Calibration of loadcell via link connectors for easy setup without dismounting the hoist
  • Two panel display, one to show 4-DIGIT weight (132 x 47 mm) and a second 2-DIGIT display (45 x 39 mm) can be set to pounds or kilograms. Both displays are mounted behind a durable, polycarbonate protection screen.
  • Dual Color Multifunction display to show system calibration set up and real time weight loading, with adjustable brightness and auto power off functions
  • Automatic display reverse option to provide easy to read, clear display in either body up or body down operation
  • Backup power supply via battery (Run time dependent on brightness and auto power off functions setup)
  • Optional Li-Ion battery can be mounted inside the CELL DISPLAY to power the load cell without requiring an external power supply via link cable connector. Details can be found in the instruction manual
  • Push Buttons are IP55
  • “Zero” value setting (Tare) function shows only the weight of the suspended load and not the self-weight of the hoist
  • Double load /sleeve block/ reading setting
  • Over and under-load setting

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