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HDMI A male - HDMI A male

  • Flexible PVC jacket
  • Oxygen-free copper
  • Triple shielding (2 x Al-foil + braiding)

The CLV100 is a Classic-series quality HDMI cable and will provide a reliable solution for all your audiovisual connections. This cable lives up to the highest certification standards currently available in HDMI and offers Ethernet support as well as an audio return channel. The combination of gold-plated contacts, oxygen-free copper conductors and the added triple shielding (to protect against EM and RF interference) assure optimal performance. To make sure this performance lasts, it is protected by a durable Long Life outer jacket. Lengths below 10m will perform as HIGH-SPEED HDMI with ETHERNET. This means that at lengths below 10 meters, the CLV100 supports not only 1080p signals but also massive 4K x 2K cinema resolutions and 3D images. Lengths of 10m and above will perform at STANDARD SPEED HDMI with ETHERNET standards and can carry up to 1080i/720p signals.


 Product variants


1.5 meter


3 meter


5 meter


7,5 meter


10 meter


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