Le Maitre Flame Fluids & Angel Fire Flame Paste

Le Maitre Flame Fluids & Angel Fire Flame Paste

Ask About Le Maitre Flame Fluids & Angel Fire Flame Paste


Flame Fluids Chameleon/Salamander Canisters are a range of natural and coloured fluids specially formulated for the Chameleon & Salamander Flame Machines. Available in Natural, Green and Red in 500ml canisters. CometFlame Fluid provides deep, rich colours - red, yellow, green, purple and orange - for the CometFlame Machine. It can also be used in other flame machines.

Angel Fire Flame Paste Le Maitre’s Flame Paste is a flammable paste that burns with an even orange flame. The paste is virtually invisible when applied and can be used anywhere a small controllable flame is needed. It is safe for use inside in moderation with sensible control methods in place. A test in a controlled environment should be carried out prior to use and a risk assessment should be conducted. Can be used on stage to simulate a camp fire without the use of flammable liquids or gas. Burn rate: 200ml of paste in a round container 75mm diameter: 7 minutes and 30 seconds. Angel Fire Flame Paste is best extinguished by smothering the container and starving the paste of oxygen. The flame can be extinguished by blowing the flame out, however the greater the burning surface area, the more difficult it becomes.

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