Le Maitre G300 For The Emergency Services

Le Maitre G300 For The Emergency Services

Ask About Le Maitre G300 For The Emergency Services


The G300 Smoke Generator - Le Maitre’s flagship smoke generator is rugged, versatile, and has very high output. The G300 Smoke Generator is a dual-mode machine, that offers water-based smoke and haze. Designed to perform in the most demanding of applications. With smoke output ranges up to 51,000 cbm/hr, the G300 provides a realistic, reduced visibility environment, producing huge amounts of dense white, non-toxic smoke, ideal for emergency simulation sessions. NATO codified The G300 can be used with Le Maitre’s own Industrial Smoke Fluid. This water-based, non-toxic fluid is perfectly engineered for BA training. A combination of mono/polyglycol, glycerol, and de-mineralized water, produces a dense white smoke with consistent particle size and a lengthy hang-time, sustainable even at high temperatures. The G300 uses a low-pressure system to produce the safest smoke. The higher the pressure internally in the heat exchanger, the higher temperature the fluid is heated to.  This can lead to molecular charring causing free radicals to be formed.  This in turn can lead to all sorts of unpleasant molecules to be formed.  Whereas with a low-pressure system such as that used in the Le Maitre’s machines, the temperature is much easier to control and the units are able to produce smoke that has not been burned at high temperatures. As with all Le Maitre Smoke Generators, the G300 uses a patented “Layered Block System” called Genesis. Along with this they use a short heating pipe of just 1m which allows the smoke machines to be powered by much smaller wattage heaters than competitive models, but still give immense power. Furthermore, Le Maitre’s heater blocks can be dismantled and serviced or replaced, while competitive cast blocks cannot, becoming scrap once they reach the end of their life.

Maximum smoke output @ 51000 cbm/hr
Fluid consumption 1.5cc/s (cont); 8cc/s (burst) (55min/5L bottle)
Automatic & Continual Flow Control: An extremely high accuracy thermal monitoring system, combined with the microprocessor
control and a highly stable patented heat exchanger, allows a self-management system to automatically adjust the flow rate
for maximum conditions at any temperature
High volume 5 litre fluid tank
Remote controller
Standard remote handset. Can be removed from the machine and operated at a maximum cable length of 30m/100ft
Digital display
Machine “daisy-chaining” connections
Mechanical thermal failsafe
Electronic fluid out sensing
Genesis easy change block system
N.A.T.O codified


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