Le Maitre Salamander Quad Pro

Le Maitre Salamander Quad Pro

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Salamander Quad Pro is the latest flame unit from Le Maitre, following on from the successful Salamander and extending Le Maitre’s flame family offering. The Salamander Quad Pro is a larger, more versatile system than the Salamander. A four-canister system, it can be operated with each canister being fired independently and the option of multiple colors being loaded to provide a truly stunning visual display from a single machine. Firing the canisters sequentially can also be used to increase the duration of the effect, with up to 120 hits in total and each flame reaching around 3.5m -4.5m* in height. Alternatively, all four canisters can be fired at the same time to produce a much bigger single flame reaching up to a spectacular 6m-8.5m* – terrific for stadiums! (*Flame heights are approximate and depend upon fluid colors used)

The new unit also retains a number of key features and benefits from the original Salamander design, including:
A unique firing system that eliminates internal valves and accumulators, thus minimizing the chance of the system becoming blocked
or leaking.
Canister-based fluids offer an ideal solution for anyone wanting to create a propane-style flame without headaches.
These eliminate the need for inconvenient external propane tanks, trailing pipes, and multiple valves, enabling quick set-up
and at a fraction of the cost.
A choice of colors – natural, red, and green as well as a choice of fuels – butane/propane (natural canisters) and
where the use of propane isn’t permitted, ethanol/methanol (red and green canisters), provides a great alternative solution.
A number of safety features including a safety tilt sensor as well as ignitor monitoring are also incorporated.
The unit is operated through DMX, 5 channels (Ignitor plus 4 Fire Channels), and Ignitor Channel Address can be set independently
from fire channels (eg, Fire: 2, 3, 4, 5; Ignitor: 12).
A key feature of the original Salamander is its small footprint at just 204x170x433mm and despite housing 4 canisters, the
The new Salamander Quad Pro is almost as compact at just 260x330x433mm.
Made in the UK


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