MMZ 8004 S

MMZ 8004 S

Ask About MMZ 8004 S


  • 6 Combo inputs 
  • 4 stereo line inputs for CD, Tape, Tuner and Aux, selected on each output zone 
  • 4 output buses with independent control 
  • Microswitch on each input for routing to each output 
  • Adjustable sensitivity of micro and line inputs 
  • Designed for connection to up to 2 amplified microphone bases from the MBT8000 series equipped with zone selector switches 
  • Designed for connection to emergency detection systems for guided evacuation, with priority over all inputs 
  • Automixer operating mode on 3 microphone channels, thanks to the GATING function (this function allows for the level of speech to be increased before the “Larsen effect” - feedback whistling - occurs) 
  • Internal switching power supply from 100V to 230V and from 50Hz to 60Hz 
  • 2 rack units

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