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LINE ARRAY 1600W + 640W - 147 DB SPL (PEAK)

The Myra 214L is a 1600W + 650W to 147dB SPL Bi-amped 3-way Line Arry Speaker. It is made with premium Baltic birch and polyurea coating for a professional finished touch and so it stays protected while on the road.

MYRA system is a complete solution for mid to large-size touring applications and high-end fixed installations. MYRA 214L is a full range variable curvature 3-WAY line array module, MYRA 218S is a direct radiating dual 18" subwoofer featuring custom-designed, very long excursion B&C drivers.

Designed without compromise, the MYRA establishes a new reference for SPL to size ratio, directivity control, coherence, and ease of use. It's the result of an extensive three-year R&D program started from scratch to address the challenges of rental companies, FOH, and tour sound engineers.

The heart of the 214L line array element features two uniquely designed neodymium coaxial compression drivers that combine 4-inch VC mid-frequency and 2.5-inch VC high-frequency into a 1.4" throat, developed in cooperation with B&C, and cover the 400Hz to 20kHz range. Combined output from the compression drivers is loaded by a proprietary short path and very wide bandwidth waveguide that ensures low distortion and controlled 90 degrees of horizontal broadband directivity.
With extended frequency response down to 40Hz, which in most applications avoids the need for subwoofers, the 214L's low-frequency section employs uniquely sized neodymium 14-inch drive units with 3-inch long excursion voice coils and very high BL force factor to maintain complete control on the cone movement and projection of low frequencies. Conventional 2x15" line array systems are commonly used for large events like arena shows, large theatres, and festivals but the size, weight, and cost of those systems make them hardly suited for most of the events covered by a standard rental company, that require a system with high application flexibility. The MYRA system breaks the rules, combining the size, weight, and flexibility of a compact system with SPL and the long throw projection of a large format system.

The cabinet construction typifies FBT’s signature "made in Italy" production philosophy, completely fabricated in-house using machined premium Baltic birch and tour-ready weather-resistant Polyurea coating, the 214L is built for a life on the road.
Tour sound production crews will appreciate the intuitive four-point integrated rigging system which allows up to 24 cabinets to be flown quickly and easily in any venue with the splay angle from 0.25 degrees to 8 degrees. To facilitate quicker deployment, 214L array elements are stacked four per vertical transport cart in an 8-degree collapsed position. An auto-locking internal mechanism makes it easy to set arrays at the desired inter-element angles using selector pins and securely lock all cabinets at the selected angle when lift-up. The MYRA 214L is Bi-Amped through a NEUTRIK NLT4MP connector, one amp channel for LF, and one for the MID/HF with internal passive crossover. Optimized factory presets for various DSP platforms ensure linearization and protection for all commonly used system configurations.

  • 2-way line array
  • 2 x 356mm (14") custom woofers with 76mm (3") voice coil
  • 2 x Coaxial B&C MF/HF compression drivers with 100mm (4") voice coil MF and 36mm (1.4") throat, 64mm (2.5") coil HF
  • Short path FBT waveguide with 90 degrees horizontal dispersion (vertical dispersion dependent on the number of elements and array curvature)
  • Frequency response from 42Hz to 20kHz
  • Neutrik speakON input and link connectors
  • Cabinet in premium grade Baltic birch plywood with polyurea coating
  • Integral 4-point rigging system for suspending up to 20 cabinets with 8 degrees splay angle in 1 degrees increments; angles can be set while stacks rest in caster frame
  • Internal passive MF/HF crossover; only two amplifier channels required

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