Prolyte Outdoor Advertising Structures

Prolyte Outdoor Advertising Structures

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Advertising towers 
Outdoor advertising is a perfect medium to bring products or messages to the attention of a large group. In close cooperation with Rohr Autohaus from Germany, Prolyte has developed a range of towers and pylons for this type of outdoor mass communication. 

Reliable SUPPORT 
Outdoor advertising towers or billboards that are constructed from truss require extra attention with regard to setup and structural calculations. Environmental factors such as wind force have to be calculated, and furthermore, the stability of the structure needs to be guaranteed. 

Prolyte offers a range of standard sizes of triangular as well as square advertisement towers, which all comply with the applicable regulations and standards. 

Based on standard truss systems 
The standard advertising tower supports from Prolyte consist of: 
• Triangular towers up to 12 m in height constructed from    H40V truss 
• Triangular and square towers ranging from 6-10 m in height constructed from X30, H30 and H40 truss • Standalone pylons up to 10 m in height constructed from S66 and S52 truss. 

The three-sided advertising space amounts to 2,5 x 2,5 m per side. 


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