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SSL 12 is a USB bus-powered audio interface that enables you to get studio-quality audio into and out of your computer with minimal fuss and maximum creativity. On Mac, it's class-compliant - this means that you don't need to install any software audio drivers. On Windows, you'll need to install our SSL USB Audio ASIO/WDM driver, which you can download from our website or via the HOME page of the SSL 360° software - see the Quick-Start section of this guide for more information on getting up and running.

SSL 12's capabilities are further extended with the power of SSL 360°; an application hosted on your computer where the powerful SSL 12 Mixer page allows for super low latency (sub 1 ms) headphone mixes, flexible loopback functionality, and customization of the 3 user-assignable switches on the front panel. See the SSL 360° section for more information.


  • 4 x SSL-designed microphone preamps with unrivalled EIN performance and huge gain range for a USB-powered device
  • Per-Channel Legacy 4K switches - analogue colour enhancement for any input source, inspired by the 4000-series console
  • 2 Hi-Z instrument inputs for Guitars, Bass or Keyboards 
  • 2 professional-grade headphone outputs, with plenty of power & switchable options for high impedance or high sensitivity headphones. 
  • 32-bit / 192 kHz AD/DA Converters - capture and hear all the detail of your creations
  • ADAT IN - expand the input channel count with up to 8 channels of digital audio.
  • Easy-to-use Headphone routing via SSL360° for critical low-latency monitoring tasks
  • Built In Talkback Mic that can be routed to Headphone A, B and Line 3-4 outputs
  • 4 x balanced outputs and precision Monitor Level, with stunning dynamic range
  • Use Outputs 3-4 to connect an alternative monitor set to or as general additional line-level outputs.
  • Headphone Outputs are switchable to Balanced Line Outputs for additional outputs.  
  • DC-coupled outputs for controlling CV input instruments & FX
  • 3 user-assignable front panel switches - assign to various monitoring functions and talkback open/close
  • MIDI I/O
  • SSL Production Pack Software Bundle: Includes the SSL Production Pack Software Bundle - an exclusive collection of DAWs, Virtual Instruments and Plug-ins
  • USB bus-powered audio interface for Mac/Windows - power is provided by USB 3.0, audio via the USB 2.0 protocol
  • K-Lock Slot for securing your SSL 12

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