MBT 1101


ABS structure with electer microphone and stem with a flexible section at the bottom. Equipped with one hold-down (PTT) call key, one toggle (LOCK) call key for long messages and a LED signaling activation of the microphone. 

The bases can be mixed with one another or interlocked with two priority levels. The level of the microphone signal and that of the alerting signal (chime generator included) are adjustable from the rear. MBT 1101 microphone stations can be used simply and rapidly with the amplifiers of the MPA 5000, MXA 1000, MXA 3000 and MDS 6000 range. It is essential to use CAT5e SF/UTP shielded cables (IN input UNITS) and it is possible to connect up to 6 microphone stations in cascade fashion. 

The output level can be adjusted by means of the appropriate rear-panel control (LEV)

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