LIBERA - 21.5x11.5m ALUSFERA 2.0

LIBERA - 21.5x11.5m ALUSFERA 2.0

Ask About LIBERA - 21.5x11.5m ALUSFERA 2.0


  • Dimensions: 21.5x11.5 m
  • Height: 11.5 m
  • Main truss: LIBERA FL76
  • Towers: //
  • Uniformly distributed load UDL: 6500 kg ≈
  • Chain hoists: //
  • Total weight: 3700 kg
  • Volume: 18 m3
  • Set-up time & number of workers: 6 hrs / 5 w

Alusfera is another way of using LIBERA, again starting from standard components with the addition of a few special accessories. It is a very impressive structure that may be used purely as part of the scenery, even without roofing sheets. Compared to the first version, Alusfera 2 has been designed with the addition of frontal and rear arches, a new ridge, a new solution to fix the main arches to the ground and an alternative for setting up.

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