Harrison 32 Bus



Experience the magic of the 32C workflow with the Studio 32 Bus plugin. This plugin emulates the bus processing of the Harrison Mixbus 32C DAW, allowing you to bring a piece of the famed 32C workflow to any DAW. With this plugin, you can add tape saturation, compression, EQ, and limiting to your bus tracks, giving them warmth, punch, and clarity. The Studio 32 Bus plugin is the next best thing to having a real 32C console in your studio.

The EQ in Harrison’s 32c bus plugin is a masterpiece of sound engineering. It captures the essence of the Mixbus strip EQ, and can add a touch of brilliance with a high-shelf frequency control. This EQ will make your mixes shine like never before.

Input Section with Tape Saturation

The tape saturation in Harrison’s 32c bus plugin adds color to your mix with a warm and rich sound that will make your mixes sound great. This tape saturation is the secret that will give your mix a vintage vibe and a professional edge.


The compressor in Harrison’s 32c bus plugin is modeled after the highly regarded Mixbus strip compressor, but adds control over the attack, release, and filtering parameters. This compressor will make your mix sound punchy, smooth, and balanced. It is the ultimate tool for achieving a professional and polished sound.

Output Section with Limiter

The Output section in the 32c bus plugin gives you a stunning VU-style display that shows the final output level of your bus. You can also tweak the Limiter and Output Trim controls to fine-tune your mix. The Limiter is optional, and can prevent clipping and distortion in a very transparent manner. The Output section is the final stage and allows you to adjust the loudness of your mix to your liking before you export your final mix.

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