Admiral Safety cable, certified, 60 cm 3 mm

Admiral Safety cable, certified, 60 cm 3 mm

Ask About Admiral Safety cable, certified, 60 cm 3 mm


Safety cable, certified, 60 cm 3 mm - RIVKAN36 Safety cable, certified Ensure the safety of your crowd by using Admirals certified safety cables! Are you hanging fixtures, luminaires, moving heads, speakers or other staging equipment above a crowd of people? Then you need to use an independent, secondary safety-device according to BGV-C1 and VGB regulations. Our safety cables are BGV-C1 certified and can be used single or double stranded to carry and secure their load. Did you know that safety cables with carabiner-hooks can’t be certified because the carabiner-hook has a chance of breaking or opening when equipment falls? Admirals safety cables are all wire rope constructions, pressed with standard aluminium ferrules and on both end fitted with a thimble. The special safety quicklink to secure the safety cable is certified, which makes these Admiral safety cables a musthave safety-device! Admiral safety cables should be mounted in a loop and be as short as possible so that, if the load falls, the safety cable is in the best position to absorb the weight. When mounting static equipment the maximum drop height, in case the equipment falls, should not be more than 20 cm. Please note that the maximum drop height when using moving equipment is a lot less, only 5 cm. Always have these safety regulations in mind when mounting your staging equipment.
Certified: BGV-C1

Dimensions and weight
Length: 60 cm
Weight: 0.038 kg
Diameter: 3 mm

Material: galvanised steel wire rope
Colour: silver
Pressed with standard aluminium ferrules
Both ends fitted with a thimble
Including safety quicklink on one end

Technical specifications
Drop height:
static equipment: 20 cm
moving equipment: 5 cm
Max. load:
single stranded: 5 kg
double stranded: 10 kg

Quantities and packaging
Minimum order quantity: 50

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