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USB A - USB micro A

  • Flexible PVC jacket
  • 5.6 mm (Ø) outer diameter
  • Oxygen free copper
  • Triple shielding (2 x Al-foil + braiding)
  • 28 AWG (data) & 24 AWG (power) thin and dense stranded conductors

The CLD612 is a USB 2.0 cable fitted with an USB A and a USB micro A connector and can used to connect mobile devices such as cellphones, GPS units, PDAs and digital cameras., but can also be found on a number of other devices. The cable has gold-plated connectors and robust coating to protect it from external interference. It comes in lengths of 1,5 meters to 2 meters, providing solutions for all applications.


Product variants


1 meter


1,5 meter


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