Le Maitre Fake Flame

Le Maitre Fake Flame

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The Fake Flame creates the illusion of real gas flames, but uses absolutely no flammable products! It works by projecting colored light onto a swirling screen of vapour in order to create a very realistic artificial flame. It is the nature of the swirling vapour which will determine just how visually effective this is. Designed for use in theatres and theme parks as well as in concerts and in nightclubs where a flame effect is desired but it is deemed simply too dangerous or just not practical to use real gas. It is ideal for both installations and touring.

Cost-effective: 2.5 liters Haze Fluid giving 60-80 hours of continuous operation.
Creates a 1.2m wide fire effect.
Place multiple units side-by-side to create as wide an effect as desired.
Best viewed against a black or dark background and with the vapour screen strip at or just above eye level and in completely still environments.
Can be placed on the stage or mounted flush under the stage.
The Fake Flame is made to order, with a 10-12 week lead time.


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